︎︎︎A b o u t
        ︎︎︎C o n t a c t        ︎︎︎ G r a p h i c  D e s i g n                          


‘ at first light ’

‘ Hello Sex. Meet your Halo. Consider yourself holy. You are what brings together Earth and Sky ’

A4 size / fine art print 350 GR. HAHNEMULLE PRESSING PAPER / Aguave /

[ the halo can come in golden / auqua / dark green - finished by hand with small brush and high concentrated acrylics - please do specify the color! ]

Printed by the best fine art printer one can find.
Every print is handsigned by the artist.
Each Art print will be packaged with the best care and comes in a cardboard box. 

I would love to frame the print  in a gallery worthy Barth frame + passe partout. Just let me know if you have questions or wishes !




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